Emergency Services

Choctaw Construction Services, LLC. (CCS) emergency response services consist of derailment services, storm/flood response, and natural disaster response. CCS is prepared and willing to assist in any emergency response situation, regardless of its severity. Choctaw Construction Services is available any time of day, any day of the week and has an exceptional reputation of excellent customer responsiveness and accurate estimated arrival times.

Choctaw Construction Services is aware that emergency response incidences require a vast amount of coordination in a limited amount of time. Our 24-hour emergency response and incident management team will put together a superior team of dispatchers, supervisors, operators, and labor crews to coordinate with our customer, execute a response plan and restoration of the track and affected environment as quickly as possible.

Choctaw Construction Service's fleet of equipment is designed to perform all the various services that are crucial for Emergency Services. Our fleet includes an assortment of specialized rail equipment and heavy construction equipment. Be sure to check out Our Equipment and Our Projects!

Derailment Services

CCS will respond immediately and provide critical support to ensure that a response plan is in place and executed effectively to get the track back in operation.
Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Remove debris, damaged cars, unsalvageable freight, etc. from derailment area.
  • Transport salvaged freight and damaged cars to customer’s specified location.
  • Deliver and stockpile materials.
  • Track Reconstruction.
  • Deliver track panels to derailment site.
  • Install roadbed material, stabilize subgrade, and grade ballast.
  • Transport customer rail equipment to site.
  • Post Derailment Cleanup including labor gangs, roll off dumpsters, tie disposal, removal of debris and environmental remediation.


Natural Disaster Response

While preparation is key in a natural disaster, it is impossible to know the severity of the track damage before the event. In an anticipated storm situation, CCS can deploy standby emergency response teams and equipment to strategic locations based on the predicted forecast. These standby crews can assist in identifying the damage, begin working immediately to clear debris from the track and restore the track.

Even when unexpected disasters arise, CCS excels in customer responsiveness and accurate estimated arrival times.

Our storm/flood response services typically include:

  • Provide helicopter services to survey water levels and track damage.
  • Provide marine services to customer’s personnel to survey water levels and potential track damage.
  • Removal of debris by utilizing equipment and skilled labor gangs.
  • Washout/Subgrade Repair
  • Track Restoration including track panel installation and installation of new rail.
  • Rock Installation
  •  Site Remediation
  • Vacuum truck services
  • Road Construction
  • Flood restoration and washout renovation
  • Generator rental including delivery and refueling.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make our Customer's capital more efficient. We will accomplish this by thoroughly communicating with our Customer, meticulous preplanning and rigorous job execution that does not compromise safety or environmental performance.


Choctaw Construction Services, LLC.

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