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Choctaw Construction Services (CCS) specializes in all aspects of railroad maintenance services. CCS is known for the most responsive, professional and safest in our service area, which consist mostly of Texas and Louisiana. Our crews are background-checked, trained and certified to work on Class 1 Railroads. All railroad employees are eRailsafe and E-Verify certified and are trained on On-Track Safety for Roadway Worker Protection. This means that Choctaw Construction Services is qualified and eager to support your railroad maintenance response service needs.

CCS performs an endless list of support projects for Class 1 Railroads and Industry Lines. Here are just a few of our most utilized maintenance services we complete:

Backhoe Services

CCS backhoes are commonly apart of a combo with one of our tri-axle dump trucks or a hi-rail rotary dump truck, this allows our backhoes to be mobile and for our operators to move materials.


Installation, Rehabilitation, or Removal of Rail, Switches, Crossings, Diamonds, Retarders, Panels and Turnouts

CCS can perform the entire project from transporting the materials, to installation, to placing ballast, and clean-up of the project. Our specialized equipment includes excavators, wheel loaders, panel lift attachments for excavators, surfacing equipment and specialized rail trailers to assist in moving surfacing equipment.


Track Subgrade Repair and Grade Stabilization

CCS has extensive experience in track subgrade repair and grade stabilization using a variety of techniques to cut out fouled ballast, impacted mud, and other debris from beneath the track. Regardless if the project is stabilizing a single bridge headwall or a complete soil stabilization on miles of track, CCS will coordinate and execute a project plan.


Ditch Work & Flood Control

Using a variety of equipment and personnel, CCS can perform an assortment of erosion control and stabilization of embankments in various conditions.


Track & Skilled Labor Gangs

CCS can provide track and skilled labor gangs to complete a variety of tasks ranging from yard clean up, laying asphalt, to the construction of track panels or turnouts. Our gangs are available to work along side our customer’s gangs or independently depending on the customer’s needs. CCS Gang Trucks are fully stocked with a welding machine, cutting torch, and a variety of specialized tools including hydraulic tools. There is no task that is too small for our gangs!


Project Material Layout and Project/Yard Cleanup

CCS can efficiently coordinate for railroad materials to be picked up, delivered and laid out for projects by utilizing our aggregated trucking services that include tractor trailer stretches, specialized rail trailers, dump trailers and trucks, and hi-rail grapple trucks. This ensures that ballast, riprap, switch components, base material, ties, rail, and other materials are in place and ready for the project. This includes unloading rock trains, stock piling ballast/riprap, unloading gondolas of material and much more.


Trucking, Heavy Haul & Specialized Rail Equipment Hauling

CCS has a large fleet of tractor trailers that can provide a range of transportation services for our customers. Choctaw can assist in delivering our customer’s equipment, crew trucks or materials to precise sites, hauling damaged rail cars or other debris for disposal, and transporting salvaged freight to specified location. CCS can also assist in transporting tampers, regulators and other track equipment.


Other Track Services Include but are not limited to:

  • Brush Cutting & Right-of-Way Clearing
  • Rail relay and replacement
  • Flashbutt & Thermite Welding
  • Joint Elimination
  • Surfacing and ballast distribution
  • Cut, Slide and Destressing
  • Track abandonment and retirement
  • Site Assessments
  • FRA Compliance Inspections
  • Industry Track Inspections


Our Mission

Our mission is to make our Customer's capital more efficient. We will accomplish this by thoroughly communicating with our Customer, meticulous preplanning and rigorous job execution that does not compromise safety or environmental performance.


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